NoToDogMeat is a the grass roots awareness campaign of the UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.

NoToDogMeat is a unique movement that started on social media in May 2013. Although, initially founded by a core membership of like minded animal lovers with backgrounds in the legal field, veterinary science, journalism and sanctuaries for survivors of the dog meat trade, all with front line experience, on different levels of the dog and cat meat trade worldwide; NoToDogMeat now has thousands of active members and supporters around the globe.Each and every one is invited to play a part in changing history, share skills and contribute to making a difference.No action is too small.

NoToDogMeat is funded by the sale of t shirts and other merchandise. These small profits are put back into the campaign allowing us to print flyers, banners and organise events. This means if you attend an event and can not afford to buy a shirt or forget you will get one. There is also lots of free material available on download on this sites and you can even make transfers to stick on your shirts. All donations sent directly to the charity fund our rescue and education programmes.

Use of our trademarked logo NoToDogMeat/NoToCatMeat/ SayNoToDogMeat with it's distinctive upper and lower case lettering is free to use for campaigning purposes by all members. Use for material gain/or for activities that do not fit our purpose is strictly prohibited.

 NoToDogMeat is run by volunteers, however it is supported by the legal structure of the Registered  Charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade " NoToDogMeat Foundation", a first of its kind in the UK. All Donations are eligible for gift aid .

NoToDogMeat is the active voice of people aroun the globe seeking to make difference for their beloved companion animals! A long awaited Voice for the Voiceless, respecting efforts of others yet understanding after 30 years campaigning with no effect, it is time to change approach.

In May 2013, NoToDogMeat took a short film on the dog meat trade to the Cannes Film Festival entitled BOKDAYS- Hidden in the Land of Morning Calm- South Korea. It is the first time ever the dog and cat meat trade has been truly exposed on such a world scale!

In South Korea alone over 2.5 Million dogs are eaten yearly. Over the summer a two month long dog meat eating festival took place and up to 15,000 dogs and cats will die each day. That is one dog every 13 seconds tortured and slaughtered. This barbaric act frequently takes place in front of children.

In China this figure is close to 10 Million with dogs skinned alive, their fur then sold for cheap clothing. Dog meat festivals such as in Yulin are commonplace and there is no regard given to health or sanitation.

Koreans believe the more the animal suffers the better the meat tastes. This means dogs are beaten and blowtorched alive and cats are boiled to make soup and elixirs.

This is so shocking, when you consider South Korea is home of Samsung, LEG and Hyundai.

In Thailand pets are stolen or bought for a plastic bucket and then sold ,trafficked into Vietnam for nearly $250 each where they await the most unspeakable torture.

NoToDogMeat respects cultural differences but does not agree with the systematic torture dogs and cats endure for food consumption. How can boiled puppy juice be the new viagra? Many young Asians oppose this trade and have welcomed us on our awareness days.

On May 18th each year members of NoToDogMeat take to the streets in over 36 different cities worldwide engaging with the public and and dispelling the myths from the facts.

If you would like to contact us or join us, please send us an email or call us on 0207 873 2250

Petition sheets and correspondence can be sent to our registered address 17 Cavendish Square, London. W1G 0PH

NoToDogMeat name and logo is registered at the Uk Copyright service 286467404 and the UK trade mark office UK 0003050643

 Websites: Http:www.saynotodogmeatcom