Legal Status

NoToDogMeat© is  the  campaigning association for the UK registered charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade 1154524.It  acts to inform and educate the general public about the dog and cat meat trade worldwide.
It is essentially a people led movement and holds no political status or affiliation with any one political party. It does not seek to change current legislation but pushes for enforcement of existing legislation throughout South East Asia and beyond, for the protection and suppression of cruelty to dogs and cats designed for human consumption. It also requests by means of petitioning and awareness that standards set down by the OIE in Paris regarding health and breeding conditions for dogs and cats in the meat trade are adhered to.

NoToDogMeat was set up late April 2013 and has been used as a vehicle for like-minded individuals to spread awareness by the Internet and out on the streets, hosting events of an educational nature. NoToDogMeat either organizes these events directly by liasing world wide from its London Office. Active members are at liberty to host their own events . Materials in the way of banners and flyers and t-shirts are supplied either freely at events or by way of Internet download or by purchasing from the on- line supporters shop. Net profits from sale of the fundraising merchandise are put back into the campaign.

As this movement is people driven, there is no formal structure. Supporters are encouraged to meet together in their own chapters to decide and organize events. Restriction is only placed on the use of the registered logo and name in so far as it cannot be used for personal material gain or in any way that could be construed as acting in a manner adverse to the cause. Whilst the use of social media is encouraged, permission is not granted if the logo is used for any individual or organization to speak on behalf of NoToDogMeat© without prior consultation with those who own the rights to the logo. Facebook articles and comments from NoToDogMeat may be shared but not reprinted or republished or quoted in WordPress or other blogs without written permission. The NoToDogMeat brand name and logo and unique design of the word NoToDogMeat in upper and lower case either attached or separated  including the words SayNoToDogMeat©/ Say No To Dog Meat© has been registered at the UK copyright service until 26/09.2018. Registration no is: 284674042. 

Members of NoToDoMeat may seek advice and guidance from our registered charity The World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade who provides it with small grants to produce campaign material that helps further the objects of the charity. The charity also can on application approve fundraise events and supply the necessary legal paperwork for a street collection, an activity which is fully permitted in its charitable constitution.

The Charity we support

The Charity we support
NoToDogMeat global movement supports the registered charity no: 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.This charity a first of its kind in the UK has been specifically set up with the charitable purpose to promote humane behaviour towards dogs and cats who find themselves raised for food or sold into the meat trade. http://www.wpdcmt

As of 24th September 2013, the charities trustees are a Mr D Merrill and a Ms J de Cadenet and Mr J Hughes.Ms de Cadenet is a Barrister of the Middle Temple who currently works in American Immigration Law . She is also a qualified solicitor and has agreed to act in purely in a voluntary capacity as one of the legal advisors to the Charity and to provide legal guidance ,within her competence to its trustees. In February 2013 Ms de Cadenet was awarded the title of Empire State Counsel©, by the New York State Bar Association for her services to Pro Bono. Mr Merrill has extensive experience of China and Mr Hughes is the CEO of an animal welfare sanctuary. All three have first hand experience of and exposure of the dog and cat meat trade in Asia.

The World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat trade is a member of the Charity Law Association. Link which houses 880 members including many of the largest charities. The charity took up membership in order to exchange ideas and seek guidance from charity lawyers and experienced charities connected with international animal welfare.

The Charity is also registered as an NGO at the United Nations department of Economic and Social Affairs and is in regular consultation with the OIE Paris. AGPAW supports the work of the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.

The Current Charities Objects ( as defined and agreed at the Charities Commission of Great Britain)

Preventing and suppressing cruelty towards animals in the dog and cat meat trade worldwide;
Providing support to animal sanctuaries who rescue dogs and cats from the meat trade;
Facilitating the provision of emergency veterinary care and treatment for dogs and cats in the meat trade including those at dog farms and animals which have been rescued.
Assisting with rehoming of dogs and cats(including lost pets) who have been rescued from the dog and cat meat markets and trade;

Campaigning for animal welfare laws to be respected and enforced both on an international and national level for animals in the dog and cat meat trade at all levels including dog farms,live transport of dogs and cats for slaughter, slaughter house regulations and/or suppression of boiling/skinning and blowtorching live dogs at the meat markets.

Article 5: The Charity has within its power to do anything which is calculated to further the Objects or conducive or incidental to doing so, in particular the Charity (The World Protection for dogs and cats in the meat trade) Has power:

Raise funds. In doing so the charity must not undertake any permanent trading activity
To buy, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property and equip it for use
To sell, lease or otherwise dispose of all of or any part of the property belonging to the charity. In exercising its power, the charity must comply with the appropriate section 117 and 122 of the charities act.
To co-operate with other charities and voluntary bodies and statutory bodies and to exchange information and advise with them
To establish and support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for any charitable purposes included in the Objects
To acquire, merge with or to enter into any partnership or joint venture arrangement with any other charity
To employ or remunerate such staff as are necessary for carrying out the work of the charity
To provide indemnity insurance for the charity directors/ trustees in accordance with and subject to conditions in section 189 of the Charities Act 2011

registered office for correspondence: 17 Cavendish Square,London, W1G 0PH . Tel : 0207 873 2250.