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Are dogs traumatised and do they need any special handling?
Dogs and cats rescued have been through a horrific experience.Many are also former pets who may have been abused.Like all rescues they need love/ understanding and to know they are safe.After rescue most will live in communal yards.This means they may need house training but in our experience are fast learners.For the first month they must be walked on a lead.This will help them feel safe and accustomed to their new environment.
Why are you especially seeking to re-home larger dogs?
In China in cities it is forbidden to keep a dog larger than 45 cm. This means even a loving adopter in Beijing could risk having its pet taken to the pound and back into the trade.
Why do you charge to re-home dogs and cats and how do you justify the fee?
All the dogs and cats saved need expensive medical treatment before we can consider rehoming them.
The legal requirements before they can fly also mean blood tests and vaccinations need to be carried out.
We endeavour to use flight volunteers but there are always transport costs to factor in.
Our mission as a charity is not just to re-home dogs and cats but to support our partner shelters in Asia and the dogs left behind.
Are the cats and dogs rescued friendly?
Incredibly, despite all they have gone through rescued dogs and cats from our China shelters still trust humans and are waiting for a new chance. Most will adapt really well in a family and if you have a pet already once settled will be a great buddy.
Do you re-home dogs and cats in pairs?
We try to place cats in pairs especially same sex from the same family. As most sadly even on rescue live in confined spaces they form an incredible bond and rehoming them together means if they become outdoor cats are less likely to stray. If two dogs have formed a special bond we try to re-home them together.
Will my dog or cat be healthy? What additional cost will I need to factor in?
Adoption can take up to three months depending on where your new pet will fly to. This gives us time to ensure he/she is fit and healthy to fly. They will also be fully vaccinated and dewormed. The only issue we find is residual skin infections. These are caused by diet and environment. We find with good nutrition and regular bathing these soon clear up.